• Approximately every four seconds, one testosterone producing cell dies in the testicles without being replaced. Of the 700 million healthy cells at age 18, only about one-third will remain at age 70-80 and the free testosterone levels will decrease by more than 50% in the urine and blood. Over time men will experience the mental and physical symptoms of testosterone deficiency, while their height and size remains comparable to what it was in their twenties An aging body still needs as much testosterone and other hormones as young adult bodies of the same size and height. With aging, the body can no longer produce the amount of testosterone that a man needs to stay young and healthy and consequently, his health goes down.

  • In the animal kingdom higher testosterone has been linked with a males dominance in the competition for mates and this is also true for males as well. A man’s assertiveness which expresses vibrant health and passion for love as well as life goes a long way, improving the chances for women to feel more attracted.

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