• Testosterone safeguards the cardiovascular system: testosterone makes the heart beat stronger, widens the lumen of the coronary arteries, increasing the blood supply to the heart; it reduces serum cholesterol and minimizes atherosclerosis; testosterone reduces high blood pressure by vasodilation and makes blood more fluid by increasing the fibrinolytic activity of the blood, the capacity to oppose blood clot formation and dissolve blood clots.

  • It protects against obesity and diabetes and decreases the severity and incidence of these diseases by reducing fat mass and increasing lean muscle mass , and by increasing the efficacy of insulin to make glucose penetrate into the brain, the muscles, the heart and other lean tissue organs.

  • Testosterone supports the brain and nerves by increasing the blood supply and the number of connections between neurons.

  • It sustains the bones (density and strength), the muscles (mass and strength) and skin.

  • Testosterone also improves mood and memory, and reduces anxiety.

Role of Testosterone in Men