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Decreased concentration
Difficulty learning new things
Memory loss
Increasing fatigue
Decreasing energy
Poor sleep habits
Erectile dysfunction
I have had testosterone checked previously
I have used testosterone previously

Consent for Testosterone Replacement


It is important to understand that medicine is an inexact science. Although we will carry out your treatment carefully, results may vary in their degree of success. It is quite natural for a patient undergoing Testosterone Replacement Therapy to want to know that everything will turn out all right. While most of the time this is the case, it is very important for you to be aware of the potential risks, as well as the benefits, expected from the treatment when deciding on whether to begin Hormone Replacement Therapy. You should also be aware of the alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy, including not receiving the treatment. It is important that you consider the information we have provided you. Be sure that you are doing what is right for you. If you are unsure, then perhaps you should take some time to weigh your options or consult another health care provider. Please review the following statements, which discuss informed consent. Any questions that you may have should be brought to our attention. Your clinical provider will attempt to answer all your questions to your satisfaction.
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I, ____________________________, agree that, while a patient of Men’s Complete Health, LLC / Male Care MD, LLC, I will not take any type of anabolic steroids, testosterone gels, hormone “boosters,” pro-hormones or any additional testosterone supplementation not provided by Men’s Complete Health, LLC / Male Care MD, LLC during my treatment plan. At any time, if use of these items is discovered, I understand I may be discharged as a patient of Men’s Complete Health, LLC / Male Care MD, LLC.

ADAM questionnaire about symptoms of low testosterone

(Androgen Deficiency in Aging Male)

This basic questionnaire can be very useful for men to describe the kind and severity of their low testosterone symptoms.

Do you have a decrease in libido (sex drive)?
Do you have a lack of energy?
Do you have a decrease in strength and/or endurance?
Have you lost height?
Have you noticed a decreased “enjoyment of life” ?
Are you sad and/or grumpy?
Are your erections less strong?
Have you noticed a recent deterioration in your ability to play sports?
Are you falling asleep after dinner?
Has there been a recent deterioration in your work performance?

If you answered yes to number 1 or 7 or if you answer yes to more than 3 questions, you may have low Testosterone.