June 27, 2016

Testosterone Therapy Decreases Hospital Readmissions

A new large-scale population-based study from The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston showed for the first time that older men using testosterone therapy were less likely to have complications that require them to go back to the hospital within a month of being [...]

Testosterone Levels Decrease with Aging

Approximately every four seconds, one testosterone producing cell dies in the testicles without being replaced. Of the 700 million healthy cells at age 18, only about one-third will remain at age 70-80 and the free testosterone levels will decrease by more than 50% in the [...]

Factors that affect Testosterone Production

Intense physical such as frequent sexual intercourse, long distance running, and other strenuous activities use greater amounts of testosterone and can deplete androgen levels in men. Intense emotional stress blocks the release of LH and testosterone secretion as LH is the main endogenous stimulator of [...]

Enhancing Testosterone Treatment

How to optimize Testosterone treatment • Eat enough calories • Follow a "Paleolithic" diet; fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry eggs and fish • Add a well-balanced, mixed amino acid supplement • Eat organic foods • Avoid alcohol, vinegar, caffeinated drinks • Avoid sugar, sweets, [...]

Roles of Testosterone In Men

Testosterone safeguards the cardiovascular system: testosterone makes the heart beat stronger, widens the lumen of the coronary arteries, increasing the blood supply to the heart; it reduces serum cholesterol and minimizes atherosclerosis; testosterone reduces high blood pressure by vasodilation and makes blood more fluid by [...]